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What is Panjo?

We're a community-based marketplace.

Panjo provides an easy way to create a personalized marketplace with categories and attributes best suited for your user group.

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Founded by hybrid and electric car enthusiasts, Panjo's founders sought an easier way for like-minded groups and individuals to swap their goods.

We were sick of dealing with hacks.

The service is now an evolving epicenter for enthusiasts of all varieties.

Panjo is built to support our growing enthusiast groups, and expand as marketplaces require new technologies.

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New users discover your community every day
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Optionally earn 3.5% on each transaction made in your community
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Offload disputes to Panjo's community team
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Simple & customizable listing features to improve sell rate
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Easily search, instantly purchase and track shipments
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Buyer protection with every purchase

Marketplace Details

Simple Setup

How easy is it to start a marketplace? Very Easy.

Just click Get Started and we'll guide you through it with a personal account manager.

Create a custom experience for your community with attributes and categories that best suit their buying and selling.


Grant moderators access to edit or delete listings in your community marketplace.

Plus, receive Sales and Aggregate Activity reports to keep a tab on your community's activities.

Leverage Panjo's RSS, XML and JSON data feeds to promote your users' listings for maximum exposure and increased sales via widgets, ad units and more.

Data Feeds

Panjo users with accounts connected to your forums can easily post their listings in the message boards.

This ensures you keep your site's activity, and improve your selling rate.

Buying & Selling on Panjo


Searchable, organized listings

Write comments & direct messages

Delivery tracking & estimations

Instant purchasing

Purchase protection guarantee


Simple listing process

Promotion & marketing of listings

High success rate of sale

Paid instantaneously

Lower fees than competition

Let us help you bring a high quality marketplace to your community!
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