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You'll love your marketplace.

Buying and selling can be fun.

Panjo handles all the hassles of marketplace operations.

Grow revenue. Increase engagement. Reduce site administration.

Total Admin Control

Use Panjo's marketplace settings to customize access, fees, and features.

Rich Buyer & Seller Experience

Buyers can sort, filter, and search. Sellers can sell faster and easier.

Save Time & Money

Panjo's marketplace support team reduces your administrative load.

Generate Revenue (Optional)

Customize optional final value fees today. Set listing and promotion fees soon.

Secure Information Transfer

We use industry-leading technology (such as SSL) to keep member information safe.

Safe Transactions

Panjo tightly integrates with PayPal to reduce seller-born fraud and scams.

We've enabled thousands of enthusiasts to complete millions of dollars in sales.

Bimmer Forums

500K BMW enthusiasts

Teton Gravity Forum

150K Skiing enthusiasts

Planet-9 Forum

25K Porsche enthusiasts

Happy Partners Praise Panjo.

Before Panjo, we tried a mix of rules and plugins. Sellers were getting buried in a confusing pile of emails and private messages. Buyers suffered from poor search tools, terrible product presentation, and lackluster communication from sellers. As the community owners, we got sucked into dispute resolution. Panjo helped us improve the classifieds for everyone.

Rachel Blaustein

Owner at

The Panjo team is responsive, agile, and creative. The new source of revenue has been welcome. My marketplace is now much more visually appealing. I like the insight I now have into my marketplace activity.

Ken Smiley

Owner at

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Panjo pricing

Listing fee revenue for forum:

Optional. Set by forum owner.

Final value fee revenue for forum:

Optional. Set by forum owner.

Cost for buyers:


Cost for sellers:

Forum fee + 2.9% + $0.30*

* Panjo uses PayPal for payment processing in USD, GBP, UER, AUS, CAD, and more. Local or preferrential PayPal fees apply.

Sample transaction:

Imagine your forum charges a $1 listing fee and a 2% final value fee.

Imagine a buyer purchases an item from a seller for $100.

The seller gets: $93.80 = $100 - (2.9% + $0.30, PayPal fee) - (2% + $1, Forum fees).

The forum gets: $3 = $1 + $2.

Panjo is free. Download it and give it a try!
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