After five years of working with over 100 communities running on the vBulletin forum software platform, Panjo introduces the latest version of our marketplace plugin.

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A Community of community marketplaces

When you install the Panjo marketplace plugin for vBulletin, you gain a customized community marketplace with categories and attributes that align to your community.

Buyers can use the categories and attributes to filter search results, set alerts and navigate your marketplace. more


Panjo Marketplace

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Set-up is as easy as 1, 2, 3

After you install the plugin,

1   Define the categories and attributes for your community marketplace.

2   Configure which usergroups can sell.

3   Determine the subforum(s) where listings should display.

Once installed, sellers conitnue to click on the "new thread" buttons in the same classifieds subforums that sellers have been clicking for years.

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Panjo and forum integration

When a seller clicks on the "new thread" button in your legacy classifieds subforum, the seller will create a marketplace account that connects their forum account with their Panjo account.

A seller only needs to take this step once to unlock the security, customer service, and mobile access that Panjo provides.

A seller's listings appear in your forum's classifieds subforum(s), in your community marketplace on Panjo, and in Panjo's mobile app.

Some Panjo partners have a single subforum for all For Sale (FS), Want to Buy (WTB), and Want to Trade (WTT) listings. Some Panjo partners split listings across listing types or listing categories. Panjo can handle all these scenarios.

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You can grant moderators access to your community marketplace.

A moderator can edit or delete any listing as though it was his own.

Technical specifications

Panjo uses Amazon cloud infrastructure (AWS), which has been architected to be one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today.

It provides an extremely scalable, highly reliable platform that enables Panjo to manage its website and data quickly and securely with a minimum of 99.95% availability.

Amazon Web Services


In absence of Panjo, many forum users exchange personally identifiable information over a forum's non secure PM system.

Panjo encrypts the information that buyers and sellers exchange throughout the discovery and negotiation processes.

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Panjo provides you with a Sales Report and Aggregate Activity report. These two reports detail what is being sold, at what price, and at what speed. You can use these insights to improve your sponsorhip and advertising relationships.

These reports will illuminate your Average Sales Price (ASP), your Sell Through Rate (STR), your Gross Merchandise Volumes (GMV) and many more key performance indicators (KPIs).



In addition to the thread posts that Panjo creates in your forum database, Panjo also provides partners RSS, XML, JSON feeds of sellers' listings.

You can use that data to create ad units, widgets, pages in Word Press, or other forms of content for distribution.


Revenue Generation

Panjo pays forum owners 3.5%, up to $100 per transaction, for all sales that buyers and sellers complete via Panjo's integrated payment processing.

Panjo can include an ad unit on your marketplace pages for additional revenue generation.


Integration coupled with agile software deployment

Just like most vBulletin plugins, the Panjo plugin is simple to install through the "Products and Plugins" manager that is built into vBulletin.

Panjo takes the contemporary approach of hosting a variety of functions in the cloud.


Panjo is able to provide a constantly improving marketplace experience to buyers and sellers by integrating with vBulletin where it matters most.

By hosting marketplace tools in the cloud, Panjo provides buyers and sellers options and services that would otherwise be highly limited if they lived inside the legacy vBulletin framework.

By moving some features into Panjo's cloud infastructure, Panjo is able to deploy features that would otherwise fail to function across the many permutations of vBulletin that exist given the spectrum of hosting environments and plugins that can cause conflicts for a marketplace plugin like Panjo.

The seller experience

The very first time a seller creates a listing, the marketplace will ask the seller to connect his forum account with his new Panjo account.

That step lets Panjo know if the seller belongs to a user group that can sell. The step enables that individual to use Panjo marketplace tools to create and manage listings that synchronize with thread posts in the forum.

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That step also serves as the first of many opportunities for the seller to confirm his trustworthiness and reputation.

When a buyer asks the seller a question about his item, Panjo will use the seller-submitted email to notify the seller of the open question.


When a buyer purchases an item or when a buyer and seller agree to a negotiated price, the thread post will reflect the fact that the item is no longer available for sale.

If a seller connects their Paypal account to Panjo, Panjo takes that opportunity to confirm that the seller has verified their identity with PayPal and has maintained a PayPal account in good standing with no outstanding transgressions. A seller is able to manage their listings, sales, inquiries via your community marketplace and via the Panjo mobile app.

The buyer experience

Buyers are not required to create accounts to make purchases. If a buyer wants to ask a seller a question, the buyer must create a Panjo account. Panjo empowers buyers to search, sort, filter, and save listings.

The integrated payment processing protects buyers from fraud. Buyers and sellers can use the integrated negotiation tools to mutually agree upon a final purchase price.


"It was a great experience! Easy and... well... just easy... ha! hassle free. Thanks!"

- Audi enthusiast

"I think Panjo works really well. Panjo is a great way to see specific items, all the sellers have been trustworthy with their descriptions, photos and delivery time."

- Tesla enthusiast

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