Payment Protection

When you use your Visa, Master Card, or Discover card to buy an item from a seller in a marketplace powered by Panjo, you benefit from buyer protections. Panjo verifies the identity of the seller and the status of the item before transferring your funds. You can request a full refund for the first two weeks following your purchase. Panjo serves as a mediator to help resolve any issues that may arise.

Convenient Purchasing

Use your preferred credit or debit card to purchase the item you desire. No more endless trails of emails and private messages between you and a seller to determine an item's availability and price.

Sort, Filter, and Search

Sort, filter, and search the listings in your favorite marketplace to quickly find and compare prices on the item you are seeking.

Negotiate price

For sellers that opt into considering best offers, Panjo makes it easy for you negotiate price with a seller and submit

Support Your Community

Panjo powers marketplaces in some of the most active communities of enthusiasts on the web. By using the Panjo platform, you are supporting your preferred enthusiast community and the people who use it.


Panjo adheres to the international PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards for data security. PCI compliance is the gold standard for security as it pertains to protecting credit card information. We have to pass a strict audit every year in order to maintain our PCI compliance. You can rest assured when you are using Panjo that your information is managed to the highest standards in the payment industry.

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt your data as it travels from your browser to our servers. SSL is the industry standard for secure browser communication. Once your data arrives on our servers we encrypt it using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithms. AES is used by the U.S. government and is accepted as the worldwide data encryption standard. Our servers run in a state-of-the-art hosting center and are tightly locked down by firewalls. Our firewall rules restrict who and what can access our servers We even pay third party companies to scan our networks and look for vulnerabilities in our systems.

We do our best to protect your data. You can help to protect yourself by ensuring you have anti-virus software that is running and is up-to-date. Hackers can take advantage of out-of-date software, so make sure that your operating system and browser are up-to-date.

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