BMW Z3 / M Roaster or Coupe 6 Speed Conversion with 3.91 LSD

$3,000.00 USD


Dallas, TX

Seller: "loftygoals" from Bimmerforums

This spring I developed a 6 speed conversion kit for my 2002 BMW M Coupe. I used this kit for only 2000 miles or so before I decided to convert the car to a full blow race car and go a different route with the transmission and clutch. I used the ZF 6 speed from an E46 330i. I decided to do this, because the ZF is rebuildable (unlike the E46 M3 Getrag). It weighs less than E46 M3 transmission and is only 10 lbs more than the 5 speed ZF that is in the Z3. I've also heard anecdotal evidence that it is stronger than the Getrag. The same ZF 6 Speed is also what BMW put in the Z4 M Coupe (S54), though in a slightly different housing. I paired the 6 Speed with a 3.91 Torsen differential. I prefer the Torsen units (gear based like a Quaife) to the clutch based LSD. I like them mainly because it allows for better turn in feel and less mid-corner understeer at the track. The 3.91 / 6 speed combination provides amazing acceleration while keeping highway cruising at or below that of cars with a 5 speed and stock gear ratio. Included in this kit is the following: * Good used ZF 6 Speed Transmission * Clutch Master Aluminum Flywheel for the ZF 6 speed * Clutch Master FX350 Formula Button Street/Race * * * * Sprung Hub Clutch Disc (very streetable) * Clutch Master HD Pressure Plate * Custom Z3 Balanced Driveshaft * Modified Selector Rod * Brand New AKG Stage III Shifter * Brand New Pilot Bearing * Brand New Throwout Bearing * Brand New Brass Pivot Pin * Brand New Clutch Fork * Guibo * 3.91 Torsen LSD in Z3 Housing (rear cover not included) * Custom Transmission Mount All items not listed as new have less than 2000 miles on them, with the exception of the transmission. I do not know the exact mileage on the transmission, but it was listed as less than 100k. This kit will work on ANY Z3 6 cylinder Coupe or Roadster (M52, M54, S52, S54). Simply reuse your existing clutch slave cylinder, diff cover, and transmission mounts. This is the perfect upgrade for someone looking for serious performance from their Z3 without decreasing fuel economy or highway cruising comfort. Professional installation available in Dallas, TX for an additional charge. Will charge actual shipping costs. The amount listed is simply because the system required an entry. Price: $3000 obo + Shipping

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